Digital Utility Transformation

Conference on the challenges of the digitisation in the utilities sector


Michael Wilkinson Michael Wilkinson
Global Segment Leader, Energy Digitalization

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Our DNV GL - Energy experts are looking forward to meet you at Digital Utility Transformation in Amsterdam and to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the digitalization in the utility sector.  

Presentation: Digital grid transformation – opportunities and challenges  
Presenter: Michael Wilkinson, Global Segment Leader Data Analytics
Date: June 12-13 2018
Abstract: Digitalisation is one of the three forces driving the energy transition (the others being Decarbonisation and Decentralisation) and it is expected to have a significant impact on many aspects of the power industry. With the emergence of the Smartgrid, the available volume of grid data is increasing exponentially. Data will emerge from within the grid, such as from SCADA/EMS/DMS systems, RTU’s, Intelligent Electronics Devices (IED’s), PMU’s, Smart meters, but also from external sources such as weather forecasts and geospatial information systems. Looking specifically at transmission and distribution grid operators, increased economic constraints as well as supply fluctuations due to infeed of renewable energy have resulted in increased complexity in the operation of their power grids. Fortunately, emerging technologies such as big data analytics, blockchain, mobile and cloud can drive a ‘digital transformation’ in grid operation, which will allow them to deal with the complexity by improving situational awareness and decision support. Big data analytics tools and platforms will provide the capability to analyse large quantities of structured and unstructured data in real-time and will enable new use cases and business opportunities. As grid operators move toward digitalisation of their operations and work practices, cybersecurity will play a vital role to ensure the safeguarding of energy producing assets and customers.

The presentation will discuss the digital transformation journey that grid operators will need to follow, and the steps that are needed to increase their maturity level on digitalization: from identifying use cases, and data sources, to implementing appropriate data models, to improving data quality, to implementing a analytics environment that can realize return on investments of digital transformation of power system operation. The presentation will include practical examples of innovative solutions

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DNV GL is the partner to support you through your digital transformation. Our expertise and experience can help you successfully address the key challenges of digitalization. We deliver services in the field of: 

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